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Terry West Building Approvals and Consultants (T.W.B.A.) has been providing a quality and efficient building certification service since the implementation of the Private Certification Scheme in 1999.

As Private Certifiers we provide helpful advice on all different aspects of both the building industry and the approval process. You will benefit from our expertise right through your project from the issuing of the Construction Certificate or Complying Development Certificate to the issuing of the Occupation Certificate.

T.W.B.A. has over 45 years experience in the building approval industry both in Local Government and Private Certification. We have a wide range of expertise consisting of residential, industrial and commercial developments and the ability to provide certification and a service as the Principal Certifying Authority (P.C.A.) in all categories.

We strive to give the best possible advice and service in the most time and cost effective way at a most competitive price.


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