Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2018-11-30T09:15:59+11:00
How do I obtain a quote from TWBA?2018-11-16T11:11:12+11:00

Simply fill in the “Request For Quotation” form or contact or office for more information.

Request For Quotation

How long will it take for TWBA to issue my CC, CDC & OC ?2018-11-13T07:35:05+11:00

A CC & OC will be issued seven (7) days after the completed application is submitted.

A CDC will be issued twenty (20) days after the completed application is submitted.

Can I start work on my building site before TWBA issues my CC/CDC ?2018-11-13T07:19:15+11:00

No, you must wait till the CC/CDC is issued and you have appointed a P.C.A. prior to starting works on site.

If the structural engineer conducts a mandatory inspection do I need to contact TWBA to also conduct the inspection?2018-11-13T07:36:16+11:00

Yes, the PCA must carry out all mandatory inspections.

Can I appoint TWBA as the Accredited Certifier (issuing the CC) as well as the PCA (carry out inspections and issue OC)?2018-11-13T07:38:09+11:00

Yes, TWBA as the PCA must carry out all Mandatory Inspections.

Why should I choose TWBA for my building certifications?2019-04-24T14:07:41+10:00

Terry West Building Approvals & Consultants (T.W.B.A.) has been providing a quality and efficient building certification service since the implementation of the Private Certification Scheme in 1999.

The Accredited Certifiers at T.W.B.A have over 45 years experience in the building approval industry both in Local Government and Private Certification.